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History of WZF AMSUL


In 2006

→ WZF imported the first China compaction lines from Koppern, total investment over 1.2 million US dollars.


In 2007

→ WZF started to produce granular ammonium sulphate with the Roller Compaction Lines.


In 2009

→ WZF first exported granular ammonium sulphate from China , Irregular shape.


In 2010

→ WZF solved caking problem for Caprolactam grade granular ammonium sulphate.


In 2011

→ WZF strives to improve the qualities for granular ammonium sulphate for higher density, harder for moisture absorption to suit higher temperature and higher humidity conditions.


In 2012

→ WZF was first to find out the odor problem in steel grade ammonium sulphate to address environmental challenges in US markets. That was Pyridine. To make sure no pyridine in all feed materials, WZF imported PE equipment from United States.


In 2013

→ WZF participated in the design of compaction rollers for round shape and became Koppern’s exclusive agent for that type of rollers. Except for local markets, WZF got the exclusive agent for the rollers in African and Thailand market in the same year.


In 2014

→ WZF first solved the problem of color change at the final products, which can ensure a uniform color for a single shipment.

→ WZF signed exclusive agreements with his partners for United States and Brazilian markets.

→ WZF and YANTAI port passed DAFF LOW RISK Shipment Certificate ( Level One ) for Australian and New Zealand markets.

→ WZF has REACH registration for Compacted Ammonium Sulphate to European markets.


In 2015

→ WZF first exported granular ammonium sulphate over 600 K MTs ( 630 K MTs in 2015 )



→ WZF has been China’s largest producer and exporter for granular ammonium sulphate.



→ WZF is committed to research for new formulas with Ammonium sulphate. Like Ammonium Sulphate + Microelements, Ammonium Sulphate+ Seaweed Extract, Urea Ammonium Nitrogen fertilziers.